Frequency matters.

When it comes to having effective check-ins, does frequency matter? We know that weekly check-ins drive engagement and performance decisively, but can you get the same effect with less attention, by checking in once a month, or once every six weeks?

We’ve measured the impact of check-ins, and frequency does matter.  When people check in once a week or once every two weeks, you will see an immediate increase in performance and engagement.  But if they do it once a month or less, you will actually see a decrease in these key factors.

Human beings love attention.  Attention makes people feel valued, stretched, and recognized, and makes them more productive and engaged. And people’s need for attention is, it seems, like a water bucket with a hole in it. The water needs to be replenished regularly, or the bucket will empty.

All a check-in is, really, is a little bit of water added to the bucket. But it makes all the difference.