How to drive performance and engagement.

Every single organization is searching for ways to increase performance and engagement — ideally without blowing up the company and starting from scratch. But how can you do it?

We know the answer. But it’s easy to overlook, because we expect the solution to such a crucial problem to be complex, theoretical, difficult. And instead it’s deceptively simple. If you want to increase performance and engagement, you don’t need to bog down in extensive lists of competencies, or convoluted cascades of goals, or rigid feedback systems.

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What you need to do is ensure that team leaders have frequent one-to-one check-ins with their team members about near-term future work.

It really is that simple. Once a week, each team member meets with the team leader so that he or she can course-correct or coach or tweak to make the team member more productive.

We’ve done research on many different organizations, and the data patterns are all the same: add in weekly check-ins, with a tool built for usage, and you see wonderful and immediate increases in engagement.