In the real world, people do check in.

The simplest way to increase performance and engagement is to help your team members and team leaders check in weekly about near-term future work.

HR often worries that people are too busy to commit to another ritual to follow, but our research shows that if you give team members a simple tool and ask them to check in and share their future work with their manager, they will use it. It’s that easy.

When we put a tool in place and measured how frequently people used it over twelve weeks, the results were incredible. Over twelve weeks at various companies, we found:

  • Technology Company 1:
    • 58% checked in every week.
  • Healthcare Company:
    • 58% checked in every week
    • 40% checked in every other week.
  • Professional Services Company:
    • 62% checked in every week
    • 37% checked in every other week.
  • Technology Company 2:
    • 29% checked in every week
    • 55% checked in every other week.

These usage stats are off the charts.  Which is crucial, because if you’re not getting usage, you’re not getting any change in behavior, performance or engagement.

Check-Ins drive engagement, and people will do them if you give them simple tools.