LOVE+WORK Research Roadtrip

Marcus Buckingham is hitting the road…

searching for people who have found the rare intersection of LOVE+WORK. Follow him as he learns who they are, how they got here, and most importantly what they can teach us.

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They found the intersection of LOVE+WORK.

These people were the first to teach us some profound lessons about doing work that you love and making an impact in the world.



Yoga Studio Manager & Instructor

Not good at math, yet dives into majoring in Geology. Becomes a successful Environmental Glaciologist, then a consulting Geologist, and that leads her to… wait, yoga? Learn how she’s impacting the world through finding her true ‘love.’

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Chris is a restauranteur who, inspired by his dad’s epic motto, built one of the coolest (award-winning) restaurants in the United States. Based on only a dream and a vision, and using strengths he didn’t even know he had, Chris single-handedly created, as he says it: “an adventure for people.”

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Marine Biologist

Ed is a Marine Biologist who somehow managed to combine his love of surfing and science to create a job exploring the ocean for cures to the world’s most dangerous diseases. And, none of it would have happened if Ed’s life had stayed on track in 2002.

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Cast of Characters

Meet the team that brings the Research Roadtrip to life…


Myshel Romans

VP of Brand + Talent Scout + Director of LWRR

Myshel is the Chief Brand Evangelist for Marcus Buckingham, and there’s nothing she takes more seriously than spreading the gospel of the Strengths Revolution and the LOVE+WORK Movement. Except maybe red wine. And yoga boot camp classes. And Flat Whites from Starbucks. Just kidding! Those are all a (close) 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to helping the world discover their strengths and LOVE their WORK! …A very close 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. 


Kevyn Horton

Senior Director of Digital Media + Camera Guy

You know the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none?” Well meet Kevyn,  the only master of all trades.  There is nothing he can’t do, from filming, to editing, to drinking an IPA. And if you think that last one doesn’t take a lot of mastery, you’ve never seen Kevyn at work! He’s worked everywhere and seen everything, and most importantly, you can hear him laughing at Myshel in the back of every shot.


Meredith Bohling

Brand Community Manager + Production Manager/Driver

When Meredith left the film industry to work for Marcus Buckingham, the last thing she thought she’d be doing was making a web series! But here we are, and here she is, and she loves it! Unfortunately for Marcus, Myshel, and Kevyn, Meredith is also the driver to and from all interviews, so they are literally putting their lives in her (less than capable) hands every time they get in the car. But hey, that’s showbiz.

Candidate Selection Process

We don’t interview just anyone…

We have three criteria when it comes to selecting our candidates for the LOVE+WORK Research Roadtrip.

  1.  They need to have some measurable, quantitative achievement.  Maybe their business grew 25% over the last year, or they have the lowest employee turnover for their branch, or they’ve sold a record number of breakfast burritos. Something that we can measure, and something that impresses us. They have to be good at what they do.
  2. They have to score very highly on our Engagement Pulse – a survey Marcus developed using eight questions most correlated to engagement and performance. After our candidates have taken the survey, we measure their engagement index against the rest of our data.  It’s all a scientific way of learning if this person loves the work that they’re doing, every day.
  3. They have to make an extraordinary contribution to the world. They have to impact the world in a way that matters – sometimes on a small, individual or community level, and sometimes on a global level. We need to know why we should care about this candidate and the work that they’re doing.

Do you know someone who has found the intersection between LOVE+WORK? Please nominate someone using the link at the top of the page!