Let’s change the world of work. Together.


I’ve been on a mission to change how people do and feel about work since 1999 when I wrote First, Break all the Rules. Labels such as rule-breaker, rebel, revolutionary and radical have followed me – said in both good and bad ways. And that’s okay. Because I know why I do what I do. I believe in people. I believe in breaking systems that are meaningless, and don’t help people express their unique strengths at work. Systems that (to say it bluntly) crush humanity and diminish the unique and individual power of people. And I’m so okay with stirring up the established power structures in the process – if it means putting people ahead of systems.

I’m also deeply committed to helping people LOVE the work they do. Decades of research prove that doing what you love every day is the #1 driver of both engagement and performance. People are most creative, resilient, attractive, happy, and motivated when they play to their strengths most of the time. This is not a belief. It’s the science.

Now, I can either sit in my study and start writing my next book – which, candidly, would be my tendency. Or, I can engage with like-minded people who share in this mission to change the world of work. To craft a more human system. When I think about truly making a difference — to disrupt what needs disrupting, to create positive change — I can do so little, alone with my pen. We need more. More people, committed to a better world of work.

So if you believe what I believe, then join me. Let’s change the world of work together.

This won’t happen overnight. But as a start, I’d love to share some of my research, and raw, unvarnished thinking. My goal is that in six months’ time, we will have created a force of advocates who take a stand for LOVE + WORK — deeply committed to bringing humanity, and true diversity, to our working world.

Own your power, your influence.  It starts with you. And moves with us.

More to come.

Love + Work,

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