Work Is for Love.

Wouldn’t it be great if we worked for love?

Right now, work is transactional. Most of us go to work not to do what we love, but to earn the money that helps us do what we really love. This is why people talk about “working to live and not living to work.” Which makes sense, don’t get me wrong — until you remind yourself that we spend half our waking hours, or more, on the job. Why on earth are we willing to throw half of our lives away? Shouldn’t we demand more? What would that look like?

Imagine a world in which work was for love. #LOVEandWORK Click To TweetImagine a world in which work was for love. The point of work would be to discover what you love to do — which weird and wonderful things you love that maybe other people don’t. And then, to discover what other people love, too, and how you can use your wonderful differences to do great things together.

Would that lead to a more affluent society? Maybe. But it would certainly lead to more innovation, creativity, and productivity in our companies.

And more importantly, it would lead to a more prolific, constructive, and forgiving world. We would learn to define ourselves by how unique everyone’s loves are. We would create a society in which people realized that the differences that matter are not those between peoples but those between individual people.

And we would all get a lot better at discovering what we love to do and offering it up to the world.