The Negativity Bias

Why are we so drawn to what’s wrong in the world, or in us? Yes, obviously, during times like this we all need to stay informed and be realistic about the challenges we face; but still, it sure seems like most of our news, and most of our attention, focuses on the grim, the dire, the fear-inducing.

The term for this in psychology is ‘negativity bias.’ It means we instinctively look to what is wrong with us, and with others. It means we remember failures more than successes. It even means that we quickly think of how ‘our strengths can become our weaknesses.’

Last week on our Instagram LIVE event, this is one of the questions we addressed: namely, how can StandOut help you resist the pull to the negative, and instead cultivate, intelligently, what is best about you and those you care about.


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  1. Joel Peterson April 24, 2020 at 1:18 PM - Reply

    I’m doing this with my team and am enjoying the Friday sessions a lot!

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