The One Thing You Need to Know: How to Motivate a Negative Employee

“How can I motivate an employee who pushes back everything? I can’t share or motivate them all responses are negative responses and doesn’t want to hear any tips. I have tried many forms of approach but at the end I am exhausted. What can I do?” – Julyen

Your job as a manager is not to try to put in what was left out. Your job is to draw out what was left in. #Leadership Click To Tweet

If you are taking a coaching approach to management (and I hope that you are), your job isn’t to try to “fix” or “improve” your employees. They don’t need to be fixed, and attempting to improve their weaknesses will leave you both frustrated. Instead, your job is to learn where they want to go, and then help them get there in the right form, and at the right time, for your team.

What about you?

Have you ever had to motivate a negative employee? How did you do it?

Have you ever been the negative employee that needed some motivation?

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