Lie 8: Work/Life Balance Matters Most

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Everyone is searching for that perfect balance between work and life. We think of work as depleting, a stressor, a transaction that we must suffer through so that we can buy things. So it makes sense that we need to balance work out with its opposite: Life. Work depletes; so life restores. You lose yourself at work; you find yourself in life. It’s no wonder that one of the most common questions candidates ask in interviews is, “How does your company view work/life balance?”

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But if we push on the word “balance,” we find it’s a strange concept. Who – in their work or their life – has ever actually found balance? Who has ever had that perfect moment where all the deadlines are hit, the kids are cared for, and the mortgage is paid? And if you were ever to find it, the only thing that would be running through your head would be, “NOBODY MOVE.”

Balance, when you really look at it, leads to stasis. It’s not a healthy way to move through life, it’s a method to keep things at bay. Not only is balance almost impossible to find, but once you find it, you can’t move off of it. It’s a recipe for stagnation.

We need a way to move forward through life healthfully – in a way that invigorates us. Figuring that out is what matters most.

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