The One Thing You Need to Know: When Someone Thinks Their Weakness is a Strength

“I have an employee who seems to be disconnected between what she thinks she can do well and what she actually does well. What she lists as her strengths actually presents as one of her weaknesses. How do I manage a conversation around that?” – Helen

Team leaders have the right to determine performance. But only individuals can determine their own strengths. Click To Tweet

This is an excellent question that accidentally gets to the very heart of what it means to be a manager. Because as managers, we determine a lot of things for our employees – including where we can get the most performance out of them. But one thing we can’t determine is what strengthens our people. Only our individual team members can tell us what makes them feel strong, what makes time pass quickly for them, and what energizes them. Knowing and respecting that is the first step in this conversation.

What about you?

Have you ever thought something was a strength, when others thought it was a weakness?

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