Why Do We Fear Our Weaknesses?

The best leaders know that a person will learn and grow the most where she is already strong. This shouldn’t be a very controversial statement – it’s rather obvious when you look at it. Yet why, again and again, do we choose to work on our weaknesses over leveraging our strengths? Why do the majority of people, regardless of country or age, still think that fixing their weaknesses will help make them more successful?

Fear. We know – or at least, I hope by this point you know – that the best way to become more creative, more resilient, more productive, and more engaged is to focus on your strengths. Yet so many people, myself included, often let fear drive us to fixating on our weaknesses.

We fear our weaknesses; so we attempt to fix them. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to stop. This week – and yes, every week in the future, but let’s start small – this week, let’s admit that we have weaknesses. Let’s admit that we have them, and let’s push them to the side. Focus on your strengths this week, and see what it feels like when you live without fear.