Nine StandOut Roles

Strengths for Teens Resources

“Our particular genius—is precise. We each have specific areas where we consistently stand out, where we can do things, see things, understand things, and learn things better and faster than ten thousand other people can.”

– Marcus Buckingham

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Strengths-Based Activities
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Strengths-Based Activities

Strengths Board

A way to capture key learnings about your teen’s understandings of their strengths.

Musical Strengths

Teens can use music and songs to express their strengths.


A way for teens to put their strengths into action.

More Resources

Coaching Conversations

A list of prompts to facilitate sharing and incorporating strengths into life.

Strengths-Based Mantras

A list to support a strengths-based lens for teenagers at home, in the classroom, and beyond.

Strengths-Based Quotes

Use quotes to support learning, spark insight, and prompt discussion.

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