Strong Action

I haven’t posted for almost two weeks because, as a Creator (in StandOut language) it’s taken me awhile to try to make sense of everything I’m seeing, and to decide on how best I can help.

Perhaps you’ve felt the same way.

Racism in this country is so interwoven into the fabric of our lives that it’s hard to know how and where and when to grab one if its thrashing snake-heads and strangle it.

But we CAN all grab a snake head. We can all take strong action. Authentic action. Regardless of our race, gender, or creed.

Here are the three actions I’ve grabbed hold of:

1. What can you do as a leader? I’ve devoted my entire career to a study of leaders of teams, and teams of teams. So, now, today, in the face of asphyxiating racism, what can you, the leader, do to rally your team to a better future. Expect more from me on this.

2. Shine a spotlight on Black entrepreneurs. In partnership with the ADPRI and HBR I’ve been conducting an ongoing study of entrepreneurs who’ve found that beautiful intersection between Love + Work. Well now is the time to fine tune that research and focus in on those thousands of black entrepreneurs who are boldly starting their own businesses. Economic power may be the only power this country respects. Together we can shine a light on those folks who are striving for that economic power. Expect more from me on this.

3. Our #iseeyouiloveyou campaign has focused on helping you see yourself and those you care about through the lens of strengths. Well, let’s focus this lens on what you can authentically do to combat racism in this country. Each of you can make a difference. Each of you, as with me, can add your light to the sum of light. So please, in the comments, share with us what you have found yourself doing to fight racism. What have you ‘couldn’t help but’ do. Share the smallest thing. The smallest, most authentic action.

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And then next Friday, June 19th,  we will come together on Instagram LIVE and I’ll try to add power and deliberateness to all that you can do, given your unique strengths, to make this world of ours better for every single one of us.

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