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What is Talent Activation?

If you are a CEO, a CHRO, or a people leader in any capacity in an organization, what question is keeping you up at night? If you’re doing it right, it should be:

“How can I activate my Talent?”

It might not be those exact words. It might sound more like, “How can I take the people that I spent so much time and money recruiting and organizing, and turn them into growth and performance?”

But we’ve figured out a much simpler way of saying all that.

“How can I activate my Talent?” If you lead people you should be asking 'How can I activate my Talent.' Click To Tweet

Every CEO, every CHRO, and frankly every organization, should be preoccupied with talent activation.  Because that’s how you take human potential and turn it into contribution. It’s the challenge of taking one person’s talents and deliberately and effectively turning them into performance. #TalentActivation is taking human potential and turning it into performance. Click To Tweet

But how do you do that?

There are three parts to managing Talent: Talent acquisition (bringing people into your company), Talent management (organizing your people), and Talent activation (making the most out of your people).

Every person comes into an organization with different Talents – focus, empathy, drive, precision – they are as numerous and unique as the people who possess them. So our team leaders have to discover what their employees’ talents are, and then how they can be combined with the relevant experience, skills, and expectations to create performance.

We need a tool that builds trust, recognition, insight and collaboration between the team member and team leader. And if you are lying awake at night, wondering how you can activate your Talent – you probably don’t have one. We need a tool that builds trust, recognition, insight and collaboration for #TalentActivation. Click To Tweet

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